Spotlight on Leadership: Andre Chang Alvim

Spotlight on Leadership: Andre Chang Alvim

  • Andre Chang Alvim
  • Finance Director / Brazil CFO, COTY Brazil
  • @ COTY- 6 months

Andre Alvim works at COTY’s office in Campinas, Brazil –an hour from his native home of Sao Paulo. Andre is responsible for all finance functions in COTY Brazil which includes financial planning & analysis, as well as long-term financial projections for the country.

Brazil is one of the largest beauty markets in the world and COTY’s commercial partnership with Avon has provided the opportunity to expand its geographical reach in emerging markets, with Brazil being a key driver in its growth strategy. 

Still fairly new to the organization, Andre is already recognizing the aspects of COTY’s culture that makes the Company unique. “COTY gives you more flexibility and opportunities for you to propose new solutions and processes – the key factor for success is really you.”

For me, creativity means finding alternative ways of doing the same thing, always focusing on the end result.

  1. Where do you find inspiration?  
    I usually find inspiration by seeing and listening to people of different areas, levels, background, experiences...there is always something you can learn and get inspired from. It could be his/her attitude in the face of an issue, their leadership style, the way he/she structures their thoughts, or their verbal and written communication, etc.
  2. What does creativity mean to you? How do you define it?
    For me, creativity means finding alternative ways of doing the same thing, always focusing on the end result. Not necessarily the first idea will be the fastest or cheapest solution, but letting your mind work will help you in finding the best answer.
  3. What aspect of creativity at COTY do you like?
    I feel that in COTY you have a very good flexibility to create your own path, it´s up to you to be creative and propose new solutions.
  4. What COTY fragrance do you wear? 
    Usually Calvin Klein, but I am currently looking for a new one… 
  5. Your skincare must have:
    I don´t use anything yet!  
  6. A brand you admire: 
    Before joining COTY I always liked adidas as a consumer of sport items (soccer, running), I admire the brand now even more that I am working with adidas deodorants/fragrances.
  7. Fill in the blank: Always, Always, Always 
  8. Fill in the blank: Never, Never, Never 
    Disrespect people.
  9. What was your first job ever? 
    Finance intern at Renault in France
  10. My rule of thumb for:
    • Meetings – An ideal meeting needs to have a very clear objective, only the right people, an efficient preparation (data, facts) and next steps at the end.
    • Travel – Always!  Ideally to the beach or to places that are very different than your country and culture, this helps your understanding and accepting the differences.
  11. Energy of choice:
    Sports & coffee
  12. Guilty Pleasure: 
    A good beer & barbecue
  13. Fav (local) restaurant:
    Ruella in Sao Paulo
  14. Fav vacation spot: 
    Any good beach 
  15. One golden piece of advice:  
    This was simple but powerful advice I heard from a former boss, when we were in a financial planning discussion. He asked me: “What would you do if this was your own company and your own money?” I think this “self-assessment” question applies to many decisions we make day-to-day at COTY; it forces you to think as a shareholder, instead of thinking/acting as part of any one department. 
  16. Greatest lesson learned: 
    Be balanced in your professional and personal life...extremes are rarely good and not sustainable at all. 
  17. Fav mantra/motto:
    Great things never come from the comfort zone. 
  18. One item you can’t live without? 
    My family (I know it is not an item but I can´t live without them)
  19. Favorite musician/band: 
    I like rock, pop, electronic...but in terms of bands I like the Beatles a lot.
  20. Favorite movie: 
    I don´t have a favorite movie but some that I enjoyed: Inception, Pulp Fiction, Cidade de Deus, Relatos Salvajes, The Wolf of Wall Street.