Coty Luxury Under the Spotlight at the New Fragrances Museum in Paris

Coty Luxury Under the Spotlight at the New Fragrances Museum in Paris

Paris had a museum for fashion, it now has one for Fragrances and Coty is proud to be one of its key partners.

The Grand Musée du Parfum opened mid-December 2016 and is set to become Paris' latest must-see attraction, with around 300,000 visitors expected yearly.



The museum offers visitors an interactive experience and artistic foray into the world of perfumery, using modern technologies and sensory exploration.  Visitors are encouraged to touch and smell the exhibits, and to discover the world of fine fragrance through an impressive collection of artifacts and archives.

Throughout the museum, visitors will find answers to questions such as : What was the first perfume known to mankind?  How do master perfumers create fragrances? How are smell and emotions connected? How does the sense of smell work with olfactory memory? Which raw materials are used in today's fragrances?

The Museum is supported by a variety of public and private partners, including the local trade industry association (SFP - FEBEA) and International Flavors and Fragrance Inc., not to mention French local and regional authorities.



As a leader in fragrance, Coty is an essential contributor to the Museum and to the rich heritage of the fragrance industry.  Coty's exceptional legacy and iconic brands are featured throughout the museum's exhibition areas which include our founder, François Coty, who transformed the international fragrance industry as well as an early Lalique fragrance bottle crafted through the collaboration of Coty and the famed French glassmaker.

A selection of Coty brands are also available for purchase in the museum's concept store where a robot will fetch the fragrance matching the visitor's olfactory profile.


To learn more about the Grand Musée du Parfum, visit the website and instagram account.