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  • We share a dream of making Coty into a global leader and challenger in Beauty. I’m confident that our shared vision, combined with the team’s diverse expertise, will get us there


  • For anyone that loves working in Beauty, COTY is a great place to work.


  • COTY will always foster the creativity that leads to beautiful products that delight and touch consumers’ lives in a stronger way.


  • As the leader of the finance function, my mission is to make sure that I provide the right tools and equipment to everybody so we can grow.


  • We have a very 'can do' attitude at Coty. We seldom say no. If there’s an opportunity, we try to grasp it.


  • Taking risks is always a fine balance. To push things to the limit, but to respect the limit, so things don’t fall off the edge of the cliff.


  • We have great creativity and great innovation, but we also are very disciplined in the way that we do business.


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To win the hearts and minds of our consumers, our organization is shaped to be consumer-centric and highly category-focused. Our structure puts the consumer first – at our heart. And our team is made up of leaders and talents who act as an owners and entrepreneurs.

Corporate Affairs

Shaping, projecting and protecting our corporate brand, business and reputation, both inside and outside the company, Corporate Affairs teams bring together the areas of corporate communication: internal and external company communication, employee engagement, corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate external affairs and corporate crisis & issues prevention management.

Growth & Digital

Growth & Digital teams serve as strategic growth accelerator, advising the Divisions on portfolio strategy, new business opportunities, innovation, and marketing & sales capabilities, as well as managing traditional media, digital media and e-commerce activities for the whole company. The teams seek to better use of our scale, buying power and resources, and to drive our capabilities further.

Human Resources

HR teams partners with and advise leaders and managers at every level on many topics including leadership and team capabilities, talent, performance, organizational and people development, labor relations, and reward and engagement. The teams also support every employee, to help them get the management, opportunities and rewards they are looking for and are capable of.

Marketing & Sales

Sales & Marketing teams drive growth and increase customer loyalty with powerful new licenses, innovative products and unique takes on the existing portfolio. The backbone of each Division, Marketing & Sales teams interact with consumers and salon owners through physical and digital touchpoints.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain teams, whose accountability starts at the sourcing of the raw ingredients and ends with the product in the hand of the consumer, ensure that our products are available in the right places at the right times to delight our consumers and customers. They strive to deliver high performance in time-to-market, customer service, quality, and cost and cash.

Finance & IT

Ensuring the total organization is financially enabled to drive profitable growth and create shareholder value over the long term, Finance is both the custodian of our assets and the financial co-pilot for all Divisions and Functions.

IT teams determine technology needs and implement solutions, develop and ensure the availability and integrity of our systems, network and user technology, provide support and manage business intelligence and data governance.


Driving Coty forward as a value-added business partner and guardians of the company’s reputation, our legal teams oversee Coty’s legal affairs worldwide. They protect our brands and assets, foster legal and regulatory compliance, support acquisitions and divestitures, promote our public company governance, and shepherd our licensing, supply arrangements and other commercial relationships.

Research & Development

Supporting the Divisions in driving innovation and growth, R&D teams ensure registration and compliance of our products globally. They conduct toxicology, microbiology, analytical and claims testing to make certain our products are safe, fit for purpose and deliver on the claims we mark for them. Also they provide the newest industry trends and innovations from external partners, and ensure best in class consumer engagement and responses.

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